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CRC hostels are different from the conventional hostel system as bullying is a "no go" area., Students stay with their class mates and they are cared for by the House Parents, House Masters and House Mistresses.

We have three (3) House Fathers and also three (3) House Mothers for boys and girls respectively. The students are grouped into three (3) categories namely Junior, Middle and Senior Schools with JSS1 and JSS2 as Junior, JSS3 and SSS1 as middle and SSS2 and SSS3 as the senior class

The College has House Masters and Mistresses attached to each class and this makes the system unique. The students are adequately cared for physically, spiritually and emotionally. These adults serve as counsellors and guides in bringing up the children in a Godly and peaceful environment.

The House Parents are full-time staff as they provide all round care for the children. The House masters and mistresses teach in the school and also work with them in the hostels.

Prep time in the evening is also monitored by the hostel staff as well as their meals and their hostel chores. This synergy has helped to produce students who are also taught the right values and are brought up in a loving and caring environment with the aim of producing good and responsible adults with sound moral ethical values.

In an atmosphere of loving and humane care, students are nurtured to appreciate and live out Christian values. Christian tenets come alive in an environment of love and understanding. The school is fully boarding for all students. Our boarding facilities include:

  • Airy and well-furnished hostels
  • The College runs 'small group' room system
  • Purpose-built hostels are coming up in the College campus
  • Ultra-modern kitchen and dining hall, etc.



  1. Torch and batteries
  2. 6 Coat hangers
  3. 1 shoe bag, black/brown polish and brushes
  4. 1 laundry bag
  5. 1 toilet bag (contents: sponge, toilet soap, toothbrush, tooth paste, skin/hair cream, shampoo, comb, brush, roll-on,antiperspirant/deodorant.Perfumes and spray deodorants are not allowed
  6. 1 school bag
  7. 1 plastic water bottle (stainless flask and cups are not allowed)
  8. Letter writing materials (pad, envelopes, stamps)
  9. 3 padlocks, 1 key holder
  10. Plastic bucket
  11. Umbrella or rain coat.
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Quantities of toiletries allowed at a time
  • 4nos. cakes of bath soap of choice    
  • 4nos. cakes of laundry soap of choice    
  • 6pks, 200gms laundry powder or equivalent in sachets    
  • 2nos. medium size tubes of toothpaste with flouride of choice    
  • 4 tissue/toilet papers.
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  1. 2 pairs of strong, flat, brown, leather sandals or loafers & boys must have 1 brown belt and 1 black belt, 1 black shoulder strap handbag.(Black 5" x 11) for senior girls only.

  2. 1 pair of white canvas shoes for games
  3. 2 pairs of rubber soled bathroom slippers (leather not allowed)
  4. 4 pairs of pure white socks (ankle socks are not allowed)
  5. 1 pair of black dress shoes
  6. 2 covering clothes
  7. 2 pairs of pyjamas for boys and 2 night dresses for girls
  8. 2 bath robes
  9. 2 bath towels, medium weight and size (approximately 120cm by 64cm or 47" by 25")
  10. 4 White handkerchiefs
  11. 4 Sets of white underwear (vest/briefs),( boxer shorts are not allowed),slips/panties, while girls must have one full lenght black slip to wear under the Sunday whites

  12. 2 Head scarves for girls (one must be green in colour, bandana is not allowed).
  13. 1 Set of occasional wears which must be full national attires from any part of the country (Nigeria). Casual iro and buba and sokoto will not be accepted. It must be complete with cap and headgear. 1 set of formal English wear (tights, skimpy clothes or T-shirts with suggestive words, Jeans, Denims, Corduroy are not allowed).

  14. 1 blanket.
  15. Mosquito net for 21/2x6" beds

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  1. Under no circumstance is any student allowed to have any of the folowing items:-
  2. Students are expected to wear their full school uniforms to and from school at the beginning and end of school term with black shoes/belt/Dress hat
  3. No canvas shoes or boots will be allowed with the school uniform
  4. Dress shoes on the Sunday wear must be black
  5. All uniforms come with the school crest embossed on them and must be bought from the school shop. It is an offence to sew uniforms from home
  6. Boys must keep hair cuts low and simple.Fancy hair cuts will not be allowed. Boys must come with their personal clipper sets to be kept with the House Parents
  7. Girls may keep their hair in weaves only. Plaits with thread are not allowed. No hair attachments or ornaments are allowed (School will provide hair dressers to help groom students' hair on weekends. They pay for these services from their pocket money)

    The school uniforms are on sale at the school. All uniforms must be bought from the school shop, on the date specified in the Admission notice.

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