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Code of Conduct
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(Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Ps. 11:105)

  1. All students must behave in quiet and seemly manner at all times.

  2. There will be no talking or breaking of ranks while walking to and from school or at assembly.

  3. Students may not enter the laboratories after school hours.

  4. All subject rooms are out of bound after school hours, except with special permission.

  5. Students may not send other students, cleaners or other domestics on errand or ask them to buy things or do any other personal cleaning for them.

  6. Only school Council Members and staff may punish.

  7. No taking of drugs of any kind without the permission of the Matron. Drugs for students taking medication must be handed over to the clinic with doctor's prescription on resumption.

  8. No student is allowed to handle cash without permission from the school authorities.

  9. All students must use their personalized cheque books in all transactions and school cheque books must be well kept.

  10. All clothes, text-books and other possessions must be clearly marked with the owner's name.

  11. There must be no borrowing or lending of any kind between students. This includes the borrowing of P.E. clothes, shoes, uniforms, clothes and other things.

  12. No student should go to the desk or locker of another student to take anything. Every case of theft must be reported to class teacher/House Father/Mother or any staff on duty.

  13. No student in school uniform may buy and eat along the street or hall ways.

  14. School uniforms must be worn with dignity and pride.

  15. No student may eat food in a classroom, hostel rooms or lavatory. All eating should be done in the Tuc Shop area or the dining rooms/common rooms.

  16. Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or drugs stimulants are not allowed.

  17. Chewing gum is bannned at all times from the school and boarding house. It's an unsightly habit.

  18. Parents may not bring food parcels or other items to the school. If this is done, the items will be confiscated and will not be delivered to the student.

  19. Cooked food is not allowed, except on visiting days and only reasonable quantities to be consumed in the visiting area only.

  20. Students must go to the dining hall on time to eat the food served. Students who do not eat will be punished.

  21. Students must observe table manners during meals.They should talk in low tones and behave properly

  22. No student may remove cutlery or crockery, cups or plates from dining hall.

  23. No food item must be taken out of the dining hall to any room.

  24. Students must show respect at all times to the kitchen staff and all other staff on duty during meals.

  25. Students who take ill must report to the school clinic for treatment.

  26. School uniforms must always be neat and tidy. Broaches, pins, bangles, necklaces and drop ear-rings are forbidden.

  27. Cardigans must be green colour. No other colour may be worn with the school uniform (available for sale in the school).

  28. Shoes must be plain brown leather sandals or loafers with flat hills and rubber soles without decorations.

  29. Uniform, including hat for girls must be worn on all exeats and other outings.

  30. Students must wear their school uniforms when coming into the boarding house at the beginning of term and also when going home at the end of term.

  31. During school hours the hostels are out of bounds unless special permission has been obtained,

  32. It is every student responsibility to keep the hostel, classroom and school grounds clean at all times.

  33. No student may issue cheques larger than N70.00 on any given day without permissio fom the Matron.

  34. No student may lie on another student's bed.

  35. Every student must make his/her bed in the morning before going to the classroom. Bed must be tidied again in the afternoon after siesta.

  36. All students must do their laundry on the designated laundry days.

  37. Every student must bring a laundry bag for personal use. Washing days will be specified per wing.

  38. All students must come with all the equipment shown on the Boarders list, clearly marked with the owner's name.

  39. Only articles on the list may be brought to the school, other articles and unmarked articles will be confiscated.

  40. Hair should be tidy for both boys and girls. No hair should be permed, relaxed or curled. Hair attachments would not be accepted.

  41. No students are to choose College Mothers/Fathers on their own. Boarding house staff will appoint older students to look after incoming students.

  42. Every class is responsible for its own tidiness. The most tidy class at the end of each term will receive a prize.

  43. Every house is responsible for its own tidiness in the hostel. The most tidy room/house will be given outing privileges.

  44. Each student is expected to do his/her share of the chores/duty.

  45. All litters must be placed in the bins/boxes provided at all times.

  46. No littering of the classrooms, corridors or the environment.

  47. Desk and chairs must be kept in neat rows at all times.

  48. All visiting must take place in the designated visiting areas,

  49. No student may see visitors who come out side of visiting hours

  50. No students may eat food in a classroom, hostel rooms or laboratory

  51. Any violation of the above stated rules earn detention unless stated otherwise.

    (I remembered thy judgements of old, O Lord; and have comforted myself. Ps. 119:52.)


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